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PLEASE NOTE: So far this app is only running on my own device 🙂

About Sumo

Sumo is a Japanese wrestling sport which originated more than 1000 years ago. In modern Japan there are 6 professional sumo tournaments (basho’s) each year, each of them spanning over 15 days. Each day, a wrestler (rikishi) will fight a match (bout) against another wrestler. That wrestler will win who can force the opponent out of the ring (dohyo) or force him to touch the ground with any body part other than the soles of his feet. In rare cases, if the judges cannot determine a winner, the wrestlers will have to fight again.

About the Sumo Game at

“The Sumo Game at is an online game for sumo fans. Goal of the game is to predict the performance of real sumo wrestlers during tournaments. Our Sumo Game resembles real sumo tournaments quite closely in that players will confront each other in daily bouts and will be promoted or demoted in our banzuke according to their results.” (quote from

The game operates with 3 divisions: 1st = Makunouchi or Makuuchi, 2nd = Juryo and 3rd = Makushita. New players will be ranked at the bottom of 3rd division.

Each day of the tournament the player will pick 10 wrestlers, who are expected to win their bouts. The player is matched against another player, and that player will win who picked the highest number of winning wrestlers. If the players are tied, certain tiebreak rules will determine the winner. 

The player who has won the highest number of daily bouts among the players in his/her division will be the division winner (yusho). Again, if more players are tied, tiebreak rules will determine the ultimate winner.

About the Sumo Game Assistant app

This app is relevant for you if you operate an iPhone or iPad, play this sumo game, watches a transmission of the top division matches at a certain tournament day and aim to avoid pen and paper to keep track of wins and losses. In front of you should be the web page listing the 10 wrestlers picked by you and your opponent.

At the top, the app will name the current basho and tournament day, or how many days until the beginning of the next basho (based on Japanese time).

Before the first bout of the day, there is a little initial setup (recommended). Then we are ready to go! After each bout and for each player you register if the bout was a win, a loss, both, or neither win nor loss. When it becomes clear that you will win or loose your match, you are informed accordingly.

You can take some special action during the game (e.g. to correct a mistake you have made):

RESET – this will start from scratch (input number of bouts etc),
FINISH – this will auto-complete the remaining bouts (as neither wins nor losses),
ROLLBACK – this will delete the last registered bout and go back to the previous one,
UPDATE – here you can override the various scores before moving on.

Initial setup

You are encouraged to input:
1) The number of bouts (normally 21, but could be less due to injuries),
2) You can swap yourself between east and west if required (default is east),
3) How many absent wrestlers (kyujo) among yours and your opponents 10 picks,
4) How many shared (and none-absent) picks (wrestlers that both players have picked) – default is 3,
5) If you fancy sound effects or not.

Tap < button: Subtract 1 from number (item 1, 3 and 4), or switch between options (item 2 and 5).
Tap > button: Add 1 to number (item 1, 3 and 4), or switch between options (item 2 and 5).
Tap GO button: Save current setting and move to the next one.
Press GO button and swipe away: Restart initial setup.
Tap ? button(s): Will open the support web page (this one). Works at any time during the game.

Enter result of bout

There are 6 dots in total, 3 per player (for win, loss and neither of those). Per default, “neither win nor loss” is selected for both players. This can be modified by tapping the relevant dot(s). Please note that for a player, a bout can be a win and a loss at the same time. This will happen, if both rikishi are among the 10 picks of the day (not recommended).

Your dot will be blue if you are leading, red if you are trailing, and otherwise brown. The color of your opponent’s dot will always be black.

Tap < button: Instead of operating the dots, tap this button until the desired dot for east is selected.
Press < button and swipe away: Select both win and loss for east.
Tap > button: Tap this button until the desired dot for west is selected.
Press > button and swipe away: Select both win and loss for west.
Tap GO button: Save current bout and move to the next one. If both players have won or lost, 1 will be subtracted from shared picks to reflect how many remains.
Press GO button and swipe away: This will enable you to select one of the four special actions. Will be followed by one or more tap’s on < or > to select the required action and then two tap’s on GO to complete the action (or initiate it in case of an UPDATE). A renewed press/swipe of GO will cancel the action.

UPDATE action

You can update the number of bouts, wins, losses, neither wins nor losses and shared picks. You cannot directly update the number of absent picks. But bear in mind that when you update the losses, this should be the sum of absent picks and losses so far taken during the day.

Tap GO button: Save current setting and move to the next one.
Press GO button and swipe away: Exits update action (tap GO to confirm a renewed update or press/swipe GO to cancel it).

When all bouts are completed

You will now be informed (if not earlier), whether you have won, lost or tied the match. In case of a tie, the app cannot decide the actual winner. You have to check the tiebreak rules at the sumo game site, or await the daily results being updated there.

Press GO button and swipe away: Will request a RESET (tap GO to confirm). You are then ready for the next day of the tournament.

Error messages

Shared picks mismatch: If you enter more bouts with both players as a winner (or looser) than is reflected in your initial input of the number of shared picks. Or if you have not “consumed” all shared picks by the end of the day.

Remaining bouts mismatch: If the sum of wins and losses for one or both players by the end of the day is less than 10. You may get this message suffixed by “?” at an earlier stage, if the app judges that this is likely to happen. Only one of more following bouts which are both a win and a loss can save the situation.

You can still continue entering bouts if desired, despite these error messages.


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I hope you will enjoy the app !


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