Oatmeal – Enjoy your meal !

Please note:
Firstly, the functionality of the Free app is described.
Then we describe the additional options provided by the Premium app.
You can buy Premium from within the Free app (“in-app purchase”).

You know how it is: Now and then you cook oatmeal, but can never remember, just how much oatmeal, milk and/or water you used last time.

These are the standard values that appear in the app:
Number of portions (1), how much milk in relation to water (40 procent), how much oatmeal per portion (150 ml), and the amount of liquid per portion (375 ml).

You can adjust these values as you wish. If you wish a larger or smaller portion size, then correct “Adjusted portion” to a percentage value greater or larger than 100.

Based on these values, it is calculated how much oatmeal, milk and water to apply.

You can also ask for various tips for extra ingredients and toppings as well as information about the great properties of an oatmeal porridge.

Click BUY PREMIUM to initiate your purchase of the Premium app.

If you have already bought the Premium app and later reinstalls the app or have bought a new iPhone, then the app appears as the Free app when you install it from the app store. In that case, click RESTORE BUY, and your earlier purchase is fetched from app store, and the app will change to Premium.

Here you can find some more details about the app, and here are some screenshots !


The Premium app offers some additional options:
1) You can change the language from English to German or Danish.
2) You can change the volume unit from Milliliter to Fluid ounce, US customary cup, US legal cup, US coffee cup, Metric cup, Canadian cup, Japanese Go cup or Japanese cup.
3) You can save your settings.
4) You can remove your settings again if you wish.

Click LANG until the app has switched to your desired language.

Click UNIT until the app has switched to your desired volume unit. Oatmeal and liquid per portion are automatically converted to the new unit. If the unit is Milliliter, values are entered ​​without decimals. For the other units, up to 2 decimals can be used.

Click SAVE twice if you want to save your settings. These are the quantities and percentages you have entered, as well as the language and volume unit you have selected. The settings are stored in a database on your iPhone. This means that even if you have shut down the app completely and then restarts it, the values ​​are kept. Only if you reinstall the app or replace your device, standard values are applied.

Click REMOVE twice if you want to clear your settings. The app then reverts to the standard values, the language is English, and the volume unit is Milliliter.

Click RESET if you want to revert to the settings which you have previously saved. If you haven’t saved your settings, the app will revert to the standard values (same as REMOVE).

Feel free to contact me here: app(at)nielsbrandt.net.

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